Credit: Rose Julien

GUFC’s 1s suffer home defeat against Edinburgh in their first BUCS fixture

By Rose Julien

After suffering defeats in other competitions, GUFC had their work cut out for them against a strong Edinburgh side.

On Wednesday 4 October, GUFC’s Men’s 1 headed to Garscube to kick off their first match in the BUCS Aldi Men’s Scottish Tier 1 ladder tournament. They faced age-old rivals Edinburgh in a late-afternoon kick-off. 

The match began at a rapid pace. From the get-go, both teams presented a challenge to one another and an energetic struggle to dominate the field ensued. Within 15 minutes, GUFC scored a brilliant goal with a header by Jacob Glass.

GUFC continued to play energetically and the spectators were treated to a display of speedy, controlled, and powerful play. Shortly after Glass’s goal, GUFC was awarded a free kick. Although the ball did not land in the net, the team seemed likely to dominate the game as the team worked hard to keep the ball in Edinburgh’s half.

Unfortunately, Edinburgh’s men scored their first goal a dozen minutes later and the balance of the game began to shift in their favour. Another free kick was awarded to GUFC, and despite a near score, was lost again. Edinburgh began to take the lead in the game, keeping the ball within GUFC’s half. It was not long before another goal was scored against Glasgow. 

Goalkeeper Ross Hamilton stopped a first attempted goal but unfortunately, a rapid, successive shot slipped through the defence and into the net. Just before half-time, a third goal was scored against GUFC.

After a sobering half-time talk, the team was ready to get back to the field. Working underpressure, Hamilton continued to work hard in the goal and successfully prevented another goal from being scored against the team. Despite the players’ efforts, Edinburgh managed to score two more goals.

With just over thirty minutes left, three more subs were brought onto the pitch. This proved to be entirely successful as the balance tilted in favour of GUFC, with the forward and midfield players managing to effectuate a high press and providing a renewed challenge to the opposing team. Notable efforts were made by Kenzie Burns who led this offence energetically. Burns created a rippling effect of determination amongst the GUFC players as they regained control of what was left of the match.

Despite GUFC’s final efforts, the final whistle was blown and Edinburgh’s men took the win against GUFC five goals to one. It was a disappointing loss for GUFC. However, the start and finish showed serious promise and their loss against Edinburgh. 

GUFC will take on Scottish university teams from Strathclyde, Aberdeen, and Abertay over the next four months. 


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