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University calls for “humanitarian ceasefire” in Israel/Palestine conflict

By Odhran Gallagher

An email sent to students and staff has expressed the University’s desire for a ceasefire to be reached in the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine.

The University of Glasgow has pledged its support for a “humanitarian ceasefire” in the Israel/Palestine conflict as well as the “immediate release of all hostages” captured during the conflict.

The email, which was sent to students and staff today, Tuesday 7 November, read: “The University of Glasgow views with deep sadness the unfolding events in Israel and Palestine since the horrific attacks on 7 October. We call for the immediate release of all hostages and a humanitarian ceasefire so that aid can reach those suffering.”

This news comes exactly one month after the attack on Israel by Hamas on 7 October which saw approximately 1,400 killed and more than 240 taken hostage. In response Israel has pledged to destroy Hamas, with nearly 10,000 people dying in Gaza since 7 October.

The University also urged recipients to donate to the British Red Cross Fund. As the email read: “This appeal supports the work on the ground of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Magen David Adom (MDA) and the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), whose staff have been responding to the emergency. “

This comes after the University held a vigil for peace on campus last month in response to the conflict. In the weeks following the beginning of hostilities demonstrations have been held on campus by student groups criticising the actions of the Israeli state including a student ‘strike for palestine’ held last Friday. One student at the strike told The Glasgow Guardian: “Glasgow University are complicit in Israeli apartheid by arming the Israeli army, they’ve had careers fairs recently this term, inviting companies such as Leonardo, BP, Shell, and companies that we know invest a huge amount of money into keeping Israel an apartheid state. And we want to make it clear that we don’t stand for that.

The Glasgow University Conservative and Unionist Association, who previously published an open letter urging the University to show solidarity with Jewish students, told The Glasgow Guardian: “We welcome the recent Internal Communication calling for the release of all hostages held by Hamas. We share the dismay over the loss of life caused by the actions of Hamas. Every civilian death is a tragedy caused by the inhumanity which Hamas continues to demonstrate. Israel must continue to abide by international law while they exercise their right to self defence, and it is clear that they have been doing so.”


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