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UofG named hardest Russell Group university to get into

By Sophie Hannam

New rankings have revealed the University of Glasgow to be the most challenging of the Russell Group universities to get into. 

New UCAS rankings for 2024 have shown the University of Glasgow to be one of the hardest universities in the country to receive an offer from. Beating Oxford, Durham and Imperial College London, the University of Glasgow scored 99 per cent on entry standards. This means, on average, students will have to earn 209 UCAS points in order to meet the entry grades for studying at the university. In comparison, the University of Oxford requires 205 UCAS points despite it being much higher in the overall rankings (positioned at number two against Glasgow’s place at 26). 

UCAS points are calculated on the grades achieved in end of year exams before university. In Scottish Highers, an A grade is worth 33 UCAS points, a B is worth 27, and a C is worth 21. For A-level students, an A grade is equivalent to 48 points, a B is 40, and a C is 32. 

This places Glasgow as the hardest Russell Group University to get into (the Russell Group is the funding group which includes 24 of the country’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning). 

However, the University also ranked number 86 nationally for student satisfaction and number 33 for graduate prospects, which both show a dramatic disparity in comparison to its overall rankings. 


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