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A guide to the best cafes to study in

By Sophie Arands

Can’t find a seat in the library? Here are the best cafes to study in around campus

With the library getting busier every day, the reading room never having the heating on, and the Learning Hub seemingly devoid of plug sockets, it’s a great time to expand your study spots to somewhere outside of campus. Perhaps, to a coffee shop, to explore Glasgow’s varied coffee scene. However, not all coffee spots are created equal, and a study cafe isn’t always the same as a good brunch spot. But do not fear, here is your guide to the West End’s best cafes to study in to help you survive the ongoing semester.

6. Papercup: The much loved Papercup, whilst offering (arguably) one of the nicest coffees in Glasgow come in last on the list. The lack of space and Wi-Fi, renders it fairly unusable as a study spot, so perhaps it remains stronger as a reliable place to grab lunch after class.

5. Black Pine Coffee: Located on Great Western Road, Black Pine Coffee is a better option for studying, with high quality coffee and a medium selection of baked goods — provided you can grab a seat in the small space. However, their photo wall of canine visitors is a good enough excuse to visit if you’re in the area!

4. 1841: Neighbour to the ever-popular Hillhead Bookclub, 1841 is another great spot for artisan coffee, but is again a smaller space, so perhaps only suited for the early risers. That being said, their sparkling water tap is a great reason to stay for a while though.

3. West End Coffee House and Bakery: A new addition to the Glasgow coffee scene, West End Coffee House and Bakery is an ideal option, with cheap, high-quality brew, abundant seats and charging ports, and free Wi-Fi. The coffee is great, and they boast a loyalty scheme that offers a free drink for every four bought, which is significantly better value than others around town.

2. Smug: Recently renovated, Smug remains a popular study cafe, with cheap lunch and student deals if you swing by at the right times. It’s also open until 6:30pm on weekdays, one of the later hours for this list. It’s always steady with customers, especially around lunchtime, but the free Wi-Fi and reliable food options keep it in a top spot for this guide.

1. Cashel Coffee & Dry Goods: If you’re willing to venture away from campus, or, if you have a class in the St Andrews building, Cashel on Woodlands Road provides excellent coffee and food, with plenty of space to get comfortable for a long study session. Most of their coffees hover around three pounds too, so it’s not an expensive spot if you need to stay ultra-hydrated for the impending exam season.


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