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Where I Lunch

By Ellie Wright

Café Go Go: the place to go?

I don’t know where the notion that certain foods should only be able to grace our plates during breakfast originated, but personally, I think it’s utterly absurd, and it seems Café Go Go agrees. Whether I’m yearning for their delectable, sweet pancake stacks or a hearty Scottish breakfast, Café Go Go has me covered with its diverse range of breakfast specialties that’s, you guessed it, served all day. But it’s not just the morning delights, when I’m in the mood for a more conventional lunch, their menu caters to a wide range of options, from paninis to toasties, salads and beyond.

What truly sets Café Go Go apart, though, is its affordability. It is one of the few places in the West End where I can still enjoy a satisfying meal without stumbling into the depths of my overdraft. As if that weren’t enough, they even offer 10% student discount with a valid student ID, making their soup and toastie combo a budget-friendly choice at under five pounds!

Tucked away in Ashton Lane’s lesser-known neighbour, Cresswell Lane, Café Go Go is in the perfect location, a mere five-minute walk from the Learning Hub. This spot caters perfectly to my ever-changing university schedule, regardless of whether I’m heading from my last class or gearing up for the next one. If I am looking to kill an extra hour or two, I take full advantage of their complimentary Wi-Fi, typically racing to wrap up last-minute seminar preparations that should have been completed the night before. Their comfortable seating is a vast improvement from the tedious task of hunting for an available seat in the overcrowded learning hub before inevitably resorting to the floor instead.

Whilst their soup selection might not rival Naked Soup’s extensive offerings, and their sandwiches may not reach the gourmet heights of those at La Pastina Deli, Cafe Go Go consistently delivers on my diverse lunch cravings. With the assurance of always finding a seat and the relief of staying within budget, Cafe Go Go remains my top choice for everyday lunches during my days at university. 

Now, if you’re wondering about my go-to order, it’s the Bacon Maple Pancake Stack, perfectly paired with an Iced Caramel Latte— because, well, my sweet tooth knows no bounds.


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