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New year, same me

By Sofia Killis

Love yourself; play bingo with life

The idea of entering a New Year always entails bettering ourselves…but why is this? Why, for as long as we can remember, have we chosen to make resolutions at the start of every year? The imminence of a New Year is an emotionally charged time, perhaps because all we can do is hope it gives us the power to finally shed our loathsome selves, and step into our best selves. We hope that although we didn’t commit to our resolutions from last year, dry January will be a good idea, or that getting fitter and swearing less will stick this time.

Instead of wanting to improve ourselves, why do we not congratulate ourselves for getting through the year? Getting older, you may also realise that the opportunity to start afresh doesn’t necessarily come only every 365 days. We should praise the mundane that once seemed impossible. You should be proud of yourself for designating time to go grocery shopping and stocking up your fridge. Going to university while working a part-time job, for example, is no mean feat, so take pride in what you have done. Take a moment to be grateful for all the things you do so naturally that a previous self could never. 

Instead of resolutions, why not try 2024 bingo? Put your efforts in a bucket list. Stop focusing on all the things you are not and refocus on all the things you can do. Try this bucket list or make your own:

Travel: Go somewhere out of your comfort zone.Culture: Read the news or go ask your local conspiracy theorist what’s going on.Food: Host a dinner party for friends and cook something new.
Health: Eating clean at least most of the week for a month throughout the year.Reading: Read that book you keep meaning to. In fact, read that book you lied about having read.Activism: Go to a rally for something you believe in and support. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.
Sport: Try going to the gym or join a club/group. Even if you don’t stick with it you can join the thousands who have a membership and don’t go – it’s an excellent community.Social life: Meet up with that friend you have been meaning to see for ages. Hit them with the ‘Happy New Year how have you been?’ text.Concerts: Go to a concert of someone you love or someone you never heard of. 


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