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2023: in style

By Mahi Singh

Last year top five fashion trends

2023 may have ended but we never go out of style. The fashion year was ruled by all things pink à la Barbie; Schiaparelli’s fashion show; the Met Gala; and a resurgence of cosy, low-key pieces. New seasons brought new trends but here are the top five trends that ruled 2023: 

1. Crochet 

In a throwback to our grandmothers’ favourite hobby, crochet took over not just social media but runway shows for fashion labels such as Prada and Carolina Herrera. It quickly became prevalent amongst the younger generation, showcasing a swathe of talent and creativity. Crochet items were even adopted by favourite male stars such as Michael B. Jordan and Pedro Pascal. From crop tops to skirts, book covers and even bags, this trend put the C in chic in 2023. 

2. Pink 

Despite the advent of the infamous ‘Barbie summer,’ pink was in the air long before the film’s release. The Barbie marketing team partnered up with brands such as Primark, Vans, and Crocs, and hardcore Barbie fans didn’t stop there – they painted the town pink by donning pink outfits to the cinema. Much of the far right contingent both in the UK and overseas frowned upon the supposedly unconventional redefining of social standards as many men joined the fray and got involved in the pink-mania . It may have started with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling but go look at the pics from GUU’s Halloween hive and see a record number of people in Barbie inspired outfits. 

3. Cargo/baggy pants 

Cargo pants have been around for some time but became especially popular in 2023. A particular favourite of university and college students, cargo pants have often been paired with headphones and coffee for those long study sessions. While many celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Malumawere were spotted sporting this look the comfy go-to nature of these pants is fit for everyone. 

4. Bows 

Have your Instagram and Tiktok pages been flooded with bows and ribbons adorning, well everything? If yes, you are not the only one. Starting as a simple hair accessory, bows have been used to accessorise bags, jeans, hats, shoes, and even earrings. This trend bears a resemblance to the childhood nostalgia evoked by the crochet trend. Bows blew up toward the end of 2023, so we can only expect to see this trend continue into 2024! 

5. Friendship bracelets 

Take the moment and taste it, because friendship bracelets are coming to the UK this year as Taylor Swift kicks off the international leg of The Eras Tour. The trend is a reference to a lyric from ‘You’re on Your Own Kid’, track 5 on Taylor’s album Midnights. The fervour began in the U.S but like the thread they are made from, friendship bracelets tied together people all over the world as fans took their bracelets to the cinema with them for the screening of the tour film in October. From spelling out Taylor’s songs in beads to making references to jokes, fans traded their bracelets with others in a wholesome gesture of new friendships and memories. 

2023 can be summed up as a colour fest, a combination of casual outfits and handmade creations. Diving into 2024, some fashion aficionados have predicted the return of more subdued palettes of neutrals like brown and beige. We will soon find out what this year brings but until then, Happy New Year!


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