The Big Moon. Credit The Big Moon (via The Big Moon IG)

Review: The Big Moon at SWG3

By Patrick Gaffey

The Big Moon bring indie euphoria to SWG3.

Indie rock band the Big Moon began their UK tour with a sold-out show at Glasgow’s SWG3 on 10 December. This was the last of a series of tours to promote their latest album, Here Is Everything, and it was an unmissable experience for long-time fans and newcomers alike.

The opening act was Liz Lawrence, whose voice, guitar, and sound system harmonised into an incredible one-woman show, with hints of David Byrne in her attire and musical style. “I was told to dress formally,” she quipped, “so I decided to look like I went to Eton.” Almost every note she played was accompanied by a dazzling strobe flash. She set the stage perfectly for the main attraction. The crowd were ecstatic when they arrived; “Marry me!,” shouted one particularly enthusiastic fan.

The band displayed a real connection with the audience, as well as a love for the people of Glasgow. They fondly recalled their previous concert in the city when they lost all their equipment at Òran Mór, and asked how many people had been there. About half of the audience cheered: it’s clear that their fans have stuck with them. As the night went on, they interacted more with the crowd, joining the audience to dance in their penultimate song “Bonfire.”

The band’s style, mixing poppy chords with heavy rock beats, is highly entertaining and original. The members of the band stuck close together, physically and musically, performing their well-honed tunes. Although the majority of the songs were from their latest album, there were still plenty of familiar favourites to entertain fans. A special mention must be given to their drummer Fern Ford, who was obscured from the audience’s view for most of the concert. She received a well-deserved shout-out and cheer at the end of the show. 

By the end of the night, Liz Lawrence was standing at the merch table beside the Big Moon’s groupies, all visibly exhausted. It was a big night for everyone involved, and it’s guaranteed that the next time the Big Moon come to Glasgow, things will be even bigger.


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