I’m the music editor for the Glasgow Guardian.

What I cover

What I cover: As a firm believer in the importance of Glasgow’s vibrant independent music scene, I discuss everything from DIY music at a local, grassroots level, to the forces which shape the global musical landscape. I am particularly interested in independent music labels and initiatives, music industry politics, and the cultural expression at varying societal levels. I also write reviews, which I love doing.


I’m a third – year MA (History/Politics) student from London. As a musically obsessed individual, a patron of record stores and independent venues, as well as a keen creator, I can say that I love this job. I hope to promote musical issues and artists that truly matter, gaining experience along the way.

Last updated: 09/02/2024

Pitchfork’s slow death is a bad omen for music

Music Editor Dan Brophy analyses what effect Pitchfork becoming part of GQ magazine might have on the music world at large. On January 17 2024, it was announced that online music publication Pitchfork would be folded into GQ men’s magazine, an outlet of its parent company, Condé Nast. GQ’s leading

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The forgotten artists of abstract expressionism

A dive into some of the lesser-known figures of the American art movement. The current narrative of abstract expressionism is singular: it is the New York School. The Cedar Tavern, located at No. 24 University Place, Greenwich Village. Jackson Pollock, dressed in a sweater, clasping a cigarette between his lips.

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Spotify’s marketing juggernaut

Music Editor Dan Brophy interrogates the unstoppable popularity of Spotify Wrapped. Spotify Wrapped has become a cultural phenomenon. Released annually since 2016, Wrapped transformed an exercise of marketing, based on data collection, into what feels like a musical bank holiday. Its personalised approach, combined with its invitation to share on

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Watching Squid live from afar

Music Editor Daniel sends out an expert team to review Squid live at the Barrowlands. Squid defy categorisation. They combine a plethora of approaches, from post-punk to krautrock, creating whirling compositions of tension and release. They are, naturally, a band which any good music editor should want to see; however,

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Stop Making Sense: a review

For its 40th anniversary, Stop Making Sense comes alive in a stunning 4K remaster. A figure appears from the darkness. He enters to a smattering of applause, which quickly erupts into rapturous celebration. Moving calmly across the stage, donned in pleated grey trousers, he stops abruptly as he reaches his

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A history of connection: popular music and the art school

An analysis and history of an interconnected space: popular music and its relationship to the art school. Kim Gordon, a founding member of Sonic Youth and a graduate of the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California, once supposedly remarked that “art obsession is ideology … ideology

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Review: Yeule – Softscars

Softscars, the latest release in Yeule’s boundlessly experimental catalogue, is the glitch princess’s very own alt – rock dreamscape. There is a strong argument that right now, in 2023, the musical landscape has become bleak. Major labels continue to dominate the industry, sounds remain shaped by algorithms, artificial intelligence threatens

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A freshers guide to Glasgow’s record stores

A love-letter to the record stores which make up the UK’s vinyl collecting capital. To the person who has been holed up in their bedroom for the last 10 years, listening to Krautrock B-sides, awaiting the day that they can escape to a place where everyone will finally appreciate their

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