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A freshers guide to Glasgow’s record stores

By Daniel Brophy

A love-letter to the record stores which make up the UK’s vinyl collecting capital.

To the person who has been holed up in their bedroom for the last 10 years, listening to Krautrock B-sides, awaiting the day that they can escape to a place where everyone will finally appreciate their eccentric tastes, every bar will play deep-cuts on the vintage radio in the corner, and every record shop will have maybe just one copy of Madvillainy. Well, if you’re moving to Glasgow this September, you’ve found it.
Glasgow, as a global cultural hotspot, is an extremely welcoming place for the musically obsessed, and more importantly the vinyl obsessed. A study of vinyl collecting habits by the Royal Mint has declared Glasgow the UK’s vinyl collecting capital, with 32% of the UK’s vinyl collectors living in the city. This article is dedicated to the incredible selection of record stores which make Glasgow a vinyl collectors’ paradise

Mixed-Up Records – 18 Otago Lane
If UNESCO ever decides to curate the Seven Wonders of the Musical World, Mixed-Up Records should be top of the list. Mixed-Up features a vast, genre-spanning collection of rarities on wax in an intimate space to create the perfect atmosphere for crate digging. For those seasoned in the art of record hunting, special attention should be brought to the store’s seven-inch single collection, electronic and ambient section, and naturally the amazing selection of tea next door at Tchai Ovna

FOPP – 19 Union Street
A stone’s throw from Glasgow Central Station, FOPP feels more like a library than a record store. With a diverse collection of vinyl, CDs, DVDs and books, it’s easy to lose track of time and spend a whole day flicking through. So, for any sleuth on the lookout for a Radiohead graphic tee, Spirited Away on Blu-ray and an FKA Twigs EP all in the same building, FOPP is the place.

Love Music – 34 Dundas Street
A classic record store for classic record fans, Love Music is Glasgow’s old reliable for music lovers. If you’re new to the game of record collecting, Love Music is the best place to start your obsession. Whether it’s Remain in Light, Marquee Moon or Revolver, Love is the best place to find that first record collecting standard.

Assai Records – 233 Sauchiehall Street
A new addition to Sauchiehall Street, Assai Records is to Scotland what Rough Trade Records is to England, a true force in independent music. Assai keeps its fingers on the pulse of independent music like no other record store in Glasgow, with a constantly updated selection of new releases on wax, a sizable merchandise section, and a great bill of in-store shows, listening parties and signings. And to every student attempting to design a more superior bedroom than all of their mates’, there are free posters at the door.

Missing Records – 51 Oswald Street
The moment you step through the door at Missing Records, it becomes clear that you’re walking into one of Glasgow’s musical institutions. A truly independent store with an exceptional collection of second-hand vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s and other collectables, Missing Records clearly takes curation very seriously. For those with a taste for collector’s gems, Missing is the perfect place to explore.

HMV – Unit 5/6 Argyle Street
As the UK’s most prominent high-street record retailer, any city should consider itself extremely lucky to be home to a HMV, with Glasgow being no exception. Whether you’re on the lookout for records, in-store gigs or Japanese candy, HMV has you covered. With an excellent wax collection, even in comparison with other stores, His Master’s Voice provides a comforting backdrop for the obsessed, no matter what the obsession.

RUBADUB – 35 Howard Street
To any electronic music fanatic who dreams of DJing Glasgow’s many clubs and basements: RUBADUB is your utopia. A sleek store with walls adorned by modular synths and turntables, RUBADUB has an unbelievable collection of tech, as well as a great selection of electronic records from independent labels.

Monorail Music – 95 King Street
Describing Monorail Music as simply a record store would be a huge understatement. Rather, it is the truest representation of Glasgow’s musical community. Monorail is not only an exemplary record store, with its stock highlighting its deep connections to Glasgow’s independent music scene, it is a space where those who truly care about the spirit of independent music can convene. It’s a record store made by the musical fanatic, for the musical fanatic.

Strip Joint Records – 956A Argyle Street
You’re a musical zealot and a culinary geek. You’re dreaming. You dream of a place where you can eat the best pizza in town, wash that down with a pint, watch a live band, and dig the crates at the same time. That place exists. It’s Strip Joint Records.


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