I am the 23/24 Editor-in-Chief of The Glasgow Guardian alongside Jeevan Farthing. In previous years I have been Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Features Editor.

What I cover

I have written most extensively during my time at the paper on politics and social issues, and as a postgraduate student of Gender History I’m particularly interested in covering issues pertaining to gender relations. I predominantly write for the Comment and Profile sections, and particularly enjoy interview style journalism, and the opportunities it provides for connecting with people and storytelling. Outwith the paper, my research has focused on former mining communities in the North of England and the strike action of the 1980s.

Last updated: 28/02/2024

The Miners’ Strike: Forty Years On

“It was great. Yeah. It was community, community spirit… It was brilliant. I could go shopping and not worry that I’ve got enough money to pay for my shopping.”  This is how Anne* recalls life in her pit village, as a mother of two young children whilst her husband worked

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Rector candidates discuss the campaign

Confirmed candidates to be the next University of Glasgow Rector have spoken to The Glasgow Guardian. As the election for the next Rector of the University of Glasgow approaches, four of the candidates have given exclusive interviews to The Glasgow Guardian to discuss their unique pitch to students and the

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Less than 1 in 5 staff at UofG complete anti-racism training

An investigation by The Glasgow Guardian has found that less than 1 in 5 University of Glasgow staff have undertaken the “Let’s Talk About Race in the Workplace” racial sensitivity and cultural awareness training that was made available in response to the 2021 “Understanding Racism, Transforming University Cultures” report, which

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Editorial: We support trans rights

The Glasgow Guardian stands with UofG’s trans community amongst increasingly vitriolic public discourse In the past week, headlines have been dominated by successive government representatives making increasingly provocative and aggressive overtures about trans people. From Rishi Sunak declaring base level transphobia as “common sense” at Conservative party conference, to Steve

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I don’t want to be ‘sober curious’

TikTok has changed the way our generation thinks about alcohol, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’m sat on a sweaty Megabus on the way to Edinburgh after an eight-hour shift, intending on catching a few evening shows with my friends who have been there, day-drinking in the sun

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The University should ban student-staff relationships

The University of Oxford has become amongst the first UK higher education institutions to ban intimate relationships between staff and students – and Niamh Flanagan argues the University of Glasgow should follow suit. The University of Oxford has this month announced a ban on intimate relationships between staff members and

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Rest is essential to preventing academic burnout

Harmful stereotypes obscure the real issues faced by many students whose mental health is suffering as they attempt to cope with multiple competing obligations at university. In a culture that continually perpetuates narratives of university students as living lives of hedonism and alcohol fuelled inertia, attempting to initiate conversations around

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