I am the 23/24 Editor-in-Chief of The Glasgow Guardian alongside Jeevan Farthing. In previous years I have been Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Features Editor.

What I cover

I have written most extensively during my time at the paper on politics and social issues, and as a postgraduate student of Gender History I’m particularly interested in covering issues pertaining to gender relations. I predominantly write for the Comment and Profile sections, and particularly enjoy interview style journalism, and the opportunities it provides for connecting with people and storytelling. Outwith the paper, my research has focused on former mining communities in the North of England and the strike action of the 1980s.

Last updated: 28/02/2024

The University should have a duty of care

The case of Natasha Abrahart highlights the importance of a legally defined duty of care for universities toward their students. You’d be forgiven for assuming that our University and others across the country owe students a duty of care in regard to their wellbeing and personal safety. With school leavers

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An ode to Channel 4’s Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is a weird and wonderful insight into student life in the UK: but just how accurate is it? In the run up to the return to campus this September, I was struck by the massive underrepresentation of university life and student culture in British television and film. This

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Learning to love my introverted self

Features Editor Niamh Flanagan discusses the trials and tribulations faced as self professed introvert trying to socialise at university. Introvert is a label I was assigned roughly around age 5. It has become an intrinsic part of who I am and how I perceive myself, and it’s something I disclose

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Mistletoe and wine, consumerism ain’t fine

Features Columnist Niamh Flanagan emphasises why we need to bin this particular Christmas tradition. We are almost at Christmas day. The festive tension is palpable, Mariah Carey can be heard around every corner you turn, and every other shop window is festooned with red, green and gold. Whether you’re a

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Portugal appreciates the need for rest, and so should we

Portugal introduces a law that bans employers from contacting employees after working hours – should Scotland do the same? At the start of the month, news broke that Portugal had passed laws banning bosses from contacting their staff outside of working hours under legislation referred to as “right to rest”.

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