The crypto-art craze

3rd May 2021

Unpacking the art world’s latest debate – who knew Nyan Cat was worth £430k? “But you know, if this becomes a bigger thing, I’m moving to the countryside to grow sunflowers,” my artist friend told me as we were discussing the recent $69m (£50m) Christie’s sale of a JPG file. “Holy fuck,” wrote Beeple (aka ...

Review: We Could Be Friends by Lloyd’s House

29th March 2021

Glasgow-based artist Lloyd Ledingham of the Kundalini Genie and Supercloud goes solo with a dreamy debut of lilting lo-fi ballads recorded in isolation. Writing in the deepest throes of 2020, Lias Saoudi of the Fat White Family suggested that “it would be an understatement to say that a lot of people in music are bricking ...

Experience or exploitation?

3rd February 2021

Should you ever provide work for free as an aspiring artist? There’s a debate in the young artist community over providing artwork for free: should artists have to give away their work with no compensation just for the sake of publicity and to build their portfolio, or should artists still be compensated no matter how ...