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Scottish annual budget plan accused of failing to deliver for students

5th February 2022

University’s Scotland calls out the proposed budget for ongoing cuts in the higher education sector. Announced on 9 December, the Scottish government’s draft budget for the coming financial year may represent cuts to university funding during the 2022/23 period, continuing a prolonged trend of divestment from higher education and leaving universities with fewer resources to ...

A student’s guide to eating out on a budget in Glasgow

24th December 2021

Writer Derry Wyllie is here to save your overdraft with five of the best budget-friendly restaurants in Glasgow. Paesano  If you’re looking for a restaurant that will satisfy your tastebuds without costing too much, look no further than Paesano. The pioneer of authentic Neapolitan pizza in Glasgow, Paesano, is arguably life changing. Friends from far ...

Eating sustainably on a budget

2nd December 2020

Ciara Robertson discusses how cutting out meat won’t hurt your bank account. Before I became vegetarian, two years ago, one of the main reservations I had was whether it would be possible on a student budget. The arguments that you often hear are “vegetarian and vegan alternatives are so expensive” or “but what would I ...