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Glasgow Film Festival 2023: How To Blow Up a Pipeline

3rd March 2023

Ethical and practical questions persist in this dive into the unflinching, uncomfortable context behind direct action. Why To Blow Up a Pipeline is perhaps a more appropriate title for the book this climate crisis thriller is based on. Yet Andreas Malm’s theoretical and intellectual justification of direct action, sabotage and property destruction in tackling the ...

Demystifying direct action: in conversation with Just Stop Oil

4th November 2022

The Glasgow Guardian sat down with a third year student and member of Just Stop Oil to discuss the media treatment of the organisation and the personal toll activism can take. Just Stop Oil (JSO) have risen to national notoriety in the past month, ever since activists Phoebe Plummer and Anna Holland threw tomato soup ...

Glasgow Kelvin Labour Party supports ‘Covid direct action’

4th November 2020

The party has endorsed the ‘direct action’ proposed by Morag Innes, Vice Chair of Glasgow University Labour Club. Glasgow Kelvin Labour Party have come out in support of direct action against Covid-19. The party, which has links to the University of Glasgow via the Glasgow University Labour Club (GULC), have endorsed an article piece written ...