Credit: Glasgow University Labour Club

Glasgow Kelvin Labour Party supports ‘Covid direct action’

By Ollie Rudden

The party has endorsed the ‘direct action’ proposed by Morag Innes, Vice Chair of Glasgow University Labour Club.

Glasgow Kelvin Labour Party have come out in support of direct action against Covid-19.

The party, which has links to the University of Glasgow via the Glasgow University Labour Club (GULC), have endorsed an article piece written by Glasgow University student Morag Innes, Vice Chair of GULC, who states “direct action” is needed to protest against “harsh measures” that first years are facing currently in student halls. In addition, Innes has criticised the Scottish government and stated that Universities Scotland should take responsibility for the increases of Covid-19 infections on campus, and not students themselves.

In a statement, the party said they are concerned of the outbreak of Covid-19 in University of Glasgow student residences, insisting the mental health damage it will do to students on campus will not only affect themselves but also other students, staff and the wider community in the West End.

The party specifically said they give their full support to Innes, who wrote on Labour supporting news website Labour List:

“In the first instance, direct action is needed to protest the harsh measures and poor living conditions that first-year students face. The Glasgow Uni rent strike campaign has already been established on social media to force commercialised universities to listen by impacting their profits.

“Secondly, the Scottish government and Universities Scotland need to take responsibility for their part in causing this outbreak, rather than continuing to scapegoat students. The government and the universities had a duty of care to students, and on this they have totally failed.”

Glasgow Kelvin Labour Party are the local party of both the Scottish Labour Party and the Labour Party.


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