Mapping your way through Scotland

7th September 2021

Online Editor Zein offers her top five must-see spots within hours of Glasgow As COVID restrictions begin to ease and normality is at our fingertips, the itch to travel and explore the unknown returns. As an international student, I made it my mission to learn more about Scotland’s beautiful culture and explore some of its ...

Glasgow economy hit worse than Edinburgh via Covid-19

1st February 2021

Glasgow and Dundee are facing bigger challenges post-Covid-19, needing a 4.1% reduction in unemployment to rebuild and improve economically. Glasgow’s economy has declined further than Edinburgh’s as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a report by think tank Centre for Cities. Centre for Cities’ annual study of the UK’s major urban areas, Cities ...

Edinburgh Fringe Festival revamped

20th October 2020

What does a theatre festival look like online? The Fringe Festival has long been the pièce de résistance of the Edinburgh annual calendar. From some of the biggest names in entertainment to the small, unknown artists who are yet to be discovered, the festival is all-inclusive and caters to everyone’s interests. Performances range from circuses, ...