School of Life Sciences launch new Equality and Diversity app

18th April 2021

The School hopes the app will make education more inclusive and raise awareness of challenges in the academic environment. The School of Life Sciences has launched a new app, Equality and Diversity in the Life Sciences, in an effort to make their curriculum more inclusive and raise awareness of the associated challenges in the academic ...

Lana Del Rey, ignorant allyship, and White privilege in music

31st March 2021

Trey Kyeremeh examines why negating racism with shallow, yet harmful, statements points to a larger flaw in White artists and dangerous, misguided allyship. Lana Del Rey has been in the media a lot lately, mainly due to criticism of her lyrical work and social commentary on women in the music industry. Arguably, Del Rey’s personal ...

Editorial: The sexual harassment epidemic

25th March 2021

Editor-in-Chief Holly Jennings talks about the human rights crisis of women continually being sexually harassed in the context of university. Content Warning: rape, sexual harassment, gender-based violence We’ve got the vote, we aren’t limited to child-rearing and sandwich-making, we get an education, we’re allowed to wear trousers, the pay gap is closing, and we have ...