Banning politics from social media

23rd April 2021

Following the ban of Donald Trump from Twitter and the Myanmar Military from Facebook, should we be questioning how much power social media sites have over politics? In February 2021, Facebook banned the Myanmar military, the Tatmadaw, from Facebook. The censoring followed the capture of Myanmar by its military on 1 February which has resulted ...

New national confessions page Unifessions UK launches

26th March 2021

The page involves over 20 uni confession pages across the UK, including GlasKnow. A new university online confessions page catered to students across the UK was launched in early March. The page, called Unifessions UK, invites students nationwide to share their uni-related confessions to a wider audience.  Among over 20 UK university confession pages that ...

Who wants to be the next Zuckerberg?

7th March 2021

What does it take to make the next big social network? Since Mark Zuckerburg launched Facebook from his college dorm room all those years ago, social media has become a key part of our lives. Different forms of social media have spawned since, including Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. As social media becomes a more lucrative ...