Making a statement: fashion and female leadership

30th April 2021

Our columnist Haneul Lee considers whether it’s anti-feminist to label fashion coverage as insignificant.  Though I am in no way a fashion expert, the media coverage of various female leaders over the past few years piqued my interest. The number of women getting involved in politics has been rising – in the UK, there has ...

No(lan) woman, no cry

21st October 2020

Why is Nolan’s portrayal of female characters so consistently terrible? A central criticism of Christopher Nolan’s films regards his representation of women, which consistently takes the form of a male character’s dead wife, thus perpetuating the “stuffed into the fridge” trope. This is such a virulent feature in TV and film that it has created ...

WAP: Women’s Agency Performed

9th October 2020

Why the chart-topper shouldn’t just be dismissed as vulgar nonsense and why it may point to a true feminist hit. The release of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new single WAP was accompanied by the internet’s equivalent of a pitchfork-bearing crowd. Conservative activists were quick to call the song out for its overtly sexual ...