Spiking: it’s an epidemic

9th November 2021

CW: Spiking In 2015, I was spiked at a club in Glasgow. It was my friend’s 18th birthday. I had ordered drinks from the bar and I used my card to pay, about a foot away from where our drinks were sitting. I walked to the dancefloor, initially not yet feeling terribly drunk. This changed ...

Principal announces external review of University sexual violence handling processes

29th October 2021

Following recent investigative podcast content relating to sexual misconduct by UofG staff, the Principal takes action. Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal of the University, announced this afternoon that an independent external examination into University processes regarding the reporting of gender-based violence and sexual harassment has been initiated. This follows the publication of Al J...

Should we be putting our faith in the police?

20th October 2021

The Met had their chance to implement change, but they certainly didn’t do a good job. CW: Police Violence, Gender-Based Violence, Sexual Assault Every woman will remember the shudder of horror they felt when the full details of Sarah Everard’s abduction and subsequent murder came to light. We all remember the spine-chilling realisation that, just ...