gender-based violence

I’ve never been assaulted by someone I don’t know

14th October 2021

CW: Gender-based violence/sexual assault. I don’t mind walking home alone. I don’t feel particularly unsafe. I don’t stress about walking back from clubs, or bars, or even work, myself. I don’t dislike walking in the dark, or at night. I’m not meaning to sound flippant, but I don’t mind the journey. I prefer it, sometimes. ...

SRC president-elect Ella McCabe makes statement about work to tackle gender-based violence

25th March 2021

 The SRC joined with Successful Women at Glasgow to create a tribute to Sarah Everard and all the victims of gender-based violence at the University flagpole. On 14 March, alongside Successful Woman at Glasgow (SWAG), the SRC jointly invited people to come along to the open vigil site situated at the University flagpole, to remember ...