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5 must watch TV shows for the end of autumn

30th November 2022

Victoria breaks down the best shows to watch as the evenings get colder and darker. Gilmore Girls You won’t find a better portrayal of ‘autumn vibes’ than in this witty account of a mother daughter relationship. Following the growth of main protagonist Rory and her mother Lorelai, the show’s seasons portray the ups and downs ...

Food on Film: Amy Sherman-Palladino’s grub in Gilmore Girls

25th October 2020

For her article in our Food on Film series, Claire Thomson takes us to Stars Hollow. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, Amy Sherman-Palladino’s Gilmore Girls is a comforting classic, allowing viewers to step into the lives of the mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. A thoroughly heart-warming television dramedy, Gilmore Girls remains beloved ...