girls night in

GUU and SWAG host a two-day vigil in solidarity with the ‘Girls Night In’ campaign

30th October 2021

CW: gender-based violence Participants were welcomed to Hive to reflect and leave messages of support in light of the increase in cases of drink spiking across the UK. A vigil took place at HIVE between 10am and 7pm on 28 and 29 of October in support of the recent “Girls Night In” club boycott campaign ...

Unions cancel club nights in support of Girls Night In

23rd October 2021

Both QMU and GUU have cancelled their club nights next week in support of the Girls Night in campaign. Following the Girls Night In campaign to boycott clubs this coming Thursday both Unions have opted to cancel their club nights. The boycott comes after an increase in the number of spikings reported in clubs across ...

‘Girls Night In’ campaigns for female boycott of nightclubs on Thursday 28 October

19th October 2021

Girls Night In’s media campaign are asking women to stay in on Thursday 28 October in protest of nightclubs “refusing to take seriously people’s safety”. A new social media campaign is asking females across the country to boycott clubbing on Thursday 28 October in protest of nightclubs and other venues not taking the protection of ...