“Significant” support announced for students in halls of residence

26th September 2020

The University has announced the measures it will be taking to provide students residing in halls with support, including one month’s rent rebate and £50 for supplies. The University has announced “significant” extra support measures for students in halls of residence. The measures include a four-week rebate of rent for all students, £50 credited for ...

Speaking to the students at the centre of the Glasgow University outbreak

24th September 2020

We speak to students isolating at Cairncross House and Murano Street Student Village to find out what it’s really been like. As of yesterday, 124 students at the University of Glasgow have tested positive for coronavirus, and 600 students are currently self-isolating. The outbreak is currently affecting students living at the Murano Street Student Village ...

…Or Away?

16th September 2020

Coronavirus may take our lives, but it will never take our halls. During my much-needed haircut after lockdown, I had a good catch-up with my local barber in Birmingham. We discussed the experiences I gained while at the University of Glasgow, and most of what I recalled were of my experiences in first year while ...