Ishani Mukherjee

Red Flags on Tinder

25th September 2021

Ishani shares her do’s and don’ts of online dating. There is debate regarding what is an appropriate way to date or casually meet someone. As a fresher, there were whispers through the halls about Tinder’s reputation: it carries the benefits of meeting new people, especially during a time when you want to connect with people ...

Home Away from Home: Aberdeen

5th September 2021

Ishani Mukherjee found peace amongst the pandemic in locked-down Aberdeen Identifying and finding “home” in a new place is strange. The world has been capsized since the pandemic hit. How does one claim a space they have barely known, or how do you let go of your plans of thriving in a new city while ...

The media and Afghanistan: a consistent theme of corruption

5th September 2021

How mainstream media has failed in its reporting of Afghanistan’s unfolding crisis Over the summer I worked as an intern for the consulate of The Republic of Afghanistan, at a time where the country underwent a tumultuous overturn. Every day my routine tasks included reading out and highlighting important headlines and news articles. I flipped through ...