My Love Life: Just another day

1st April 2021

My version of normal. My love life could be described in one word: chaotic. Anecdotes from my love life have led time and time again to my friends, co-workers, and family exclaiming: “This could only happen to you.” Whilst I am, of course, the main character of the entire universe, I do not believe that ...

Valentine’s Day Playlist 2021

13th February 2021

 “Expect many disco hits and the inevitable come-down of Jeff Buckley.” I thought I’d select these songs as a dedication to lovers, best friends, secret admirers and all the love in between. There’s no better connection than dancing with those you love, something that most of 2020 left us only dreaming about. As we remain ...

Logging on to long-distance love

18th September 2020

Without the aid of physical touch, it falls to culture to serve as the baseline for long-distance relationships. At the start of quarantine, during those few weeks wherein I did nothing but endlessly scroll social media in search of something to fill my sudden free time, I remember seeing a friend post on Instagram about ...