Alternatives to the waiting room

10th February 2021

With the NHS stretched a little thin, our Deputy News Editor and medical student Lucy Dunn offers some alternative resources for health-related-help.  As the year struggles on, the headlines get bleaker: “Stretched to the limit”, “Pressure on the frontline ‘relentless’” and “Surge leaves key hospital services in crisis”. Whilst we may try to ignore it, ...

Should we be changing laws regarding egg freezing?

23rd October 2020

Egg freezing in the UK is becoming more popular – should we begin considering changes in the laws we have regarding it? According to the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, current laws dictating that frozen eggs must be used within 10 years should be scrapped. This is in response to the government reviewing the law. Nuffield ...

Suicide Prevention Day: where is the funding?

19th October 2020

In response to Suicide Prevention Day, Annika Kapp considers how current support services in the UK are failing. Content Warning: Contains references to suicide, OCD, and depression.  10 September marked the annual Suicide Prevention Day; the time of the year when social media tells you to check up on your loved ones and awareness campaigns ...