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Looking after pets means looking after you

21st April 2022

Although they require routine care and financial support, pets can add an invaluable benefit to university life. Life can be unpredictable and hectic as a student; between irregular timetables, long breaks, exams, drinking, and part time jobs, no two weeks look the same. I, for one, hate that. Without any structure I will sleep crazy ...

Is it really okay to own pets?

20th April 2022

Kidnapping, codependency and forced isolation: is this really the way we should be treating animals? When I’m at my most unbearable – after suggesting that the government solves national debt by simply printing more money without telling anyone – I like to ask people if they think that pets suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome ...

Glasgow’s Small Animal Hospital affected by Covid-19 restrictions

28th January 2021

The Small Animal Hospital has reduced its services, which they say will help them “preserve important core consumable supplies”. Changing to an emergency-only basis, Glasgow’s Small Animal Hospital is facing difficulties following the most recent Covid-19 restrictions.  The Small Animal Hospital, based in Bearsden, announced on their Facebook page that they would be phoning up ...