pop culture

Pop culture over the pond

11th February 2021

Cultural tastes on American soil may not be as familiar as you’d expect. When I first arrived in the UK from America, I expected there to be a lot of cultural differences regarding media consumption, such as differing tastes in music, television series, films and literature. However, the more I spoke with my Scottish friends, ...

Exploring p(r)opaganda, because biases aren’t just present in the news

10th February 2021

From Marvel to Call of Duty, pop culture is rampant with varieties of propaganda. Propaganda is everywhere. We see fake news posts on social media all the time, hear about fake Facebook accounts and Russian bots influencing elections, but we’re too smart to fall for it – aren’t we? We can separate the truth from ...

Exploring Scotland inside and out

19th October 2020

A Scot and an American offer their perspectives on Scotland, as told through pop culture. The Scottish view: “The perception of Scotland in the media has a long way to go.” Sophie Kernachan Music Columnist If Scotland’s portrayal in media was anything to go by, you can imagine my disappointment when, instead of the fiery, ...