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How to quarantine in a uni flat

24th December 2021

Tested positive or contacted by track and trace? Writer Melody Sequeira tells us how she survived two quarantines in her university bedroom. As someone who has had to quarantine twice for 10 days each time, I think I am experienced enough to talk about how to handle a quarantine. It is difficult to quarantine in ...

Imposter syndrome: games to enjoy during quarantine

15th October 2020

Spaceship murders and battle-royale physics-fun are both perfect ways to link up with buddies during Covid-19. Recently, talking with the manager of a West End supermarket, I was told that their higher-ups in London are so convinced that another lockdown is on the cards that shops have already begun to stockpile toilet paper. This made ...

New year, same pandemic

7th September 2020

We may be starting a fresh term, but during an active quarantine, just how different will it be? It seems like a hundred years ago that students all over the world were forced to flee their university life and surrender to the new reality of coronavirus restrictions. Considering the many inconsistencies of the governmental responses ...