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Funding squeeze imminent, says Russell Group

8th September 2023

A new report has put UK universities’ difficult financial position in blunt terms. The Russell Group, the association of some of the UK’s most prestigious universities, including the University of Glasgow, has published a new report outlining the precarious financial state of Britain’s top universities. A combination of a decline in external funding from research, ...

Russell Group vice-chancellors salaries rise by up to 35%

7th January 2023

The University of Glasgow’s Principal’s pay has stagnated as Russell Group bosses see large increases. An investigation by The Times has shown that 11 out of the 24 chancellors of the universities saw an increase in their salary in the last academic year. The largest increase was for the vice-Chancellor at Imperial College London who ...

Cough up: Glasgow unions lowest funded of all non-collegiate Russell Group universities

30th January 2022

Kings College London provide £266 per student to their student union, whilst figures show Glasgow University provided £53 per student in 2020/21, despite a £45.7m profit made the previous academic year. Information gathered by The Glasgow Guardian, via a series of Freedom of Information Requests (FOIs), shows that out of all the Russell Group universities, ...