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MSP Sandra White backs Kaukab Stewart as her successor

5th November 2020

If she wins the election, Stewart will be the first woman of colour to be a representative in the Scottish Parliament. Local MSP Sandra White has backed candidate Kaukab Stewart to be her successor in the May 2021 Scottish Parliament Election. Should she win, Stewart would make history as the first woman of colour to ...

The Scottish Tories U-turn on free tuition fees isn’t fooling anyone

1st November 2020

Can a leopard truly change its spots? Or is this a thinly veiled attempt to win young votes from the SNP? In 2008, the SNP made higher education completely free for Scottish and EU students. Since 2007, the Scottish Tories have opposed this policy. So, it came as a surprise when Douglas Ross MP, the ...

Calls for Scottish Government to raise medical school cap

18th September 2020

Royal College of Physicians Glasgow says no student should miss a place as England’s Health Secretary announces a “review” of expanding the cap south the border. The Scottish government is now facing pressure to review the limits of prospective students applying for medical school places in Scotland after England’s health and social care secretary Matt ...