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In conversation with Glasgow University Shinty Club

7th September 2023

Glasgow University Shinty Club looks forward to what should be a promising new season. Call it what you will. Most call it shinty. If you want to be accurate, call it camanachd. If you want to be cheeky, call it violent hockey. Or if you would rather be biased, call it the only sport worth ...

Shinty and Scottish Culture

28th March 2023

Shinty played a key role in the development of sporting leisure activities in Scotland’s recent history. Shinty is a sport entangled with Scottish history and culture. Shinty resembles field hockey in many ways, however, a key difference is that a player can use both sides of their stick, which is called a caman, to hit ...

Your GUSA guide to Refreshers’ Week

9th January 2023

Here’s your guide to getting involved in a range of GUSA clubs this semester. If you missed sign-ups in September or were just unsure about whether to get involved with a Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA) club, you have your chance once more! Many GUSA clubs are running a variety of social and sporting activities ...