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Does every cloud have a silver lining?

24th January 2022

Despite what social media may tell you, we don’t have to find the good in every situation. Have you ever found that, after something horrible happens to you, instead of allowing yourself to come to terms with the severity of the situation you decide to think positively and move on? Did you just say, “never ...

Glasgow Green on the Silver Screen?

17th October 2021

Bea reflects on how the Scottish psyche handled Glasgow city centre transforming into a movie set for many blockbuster movies over summer 2021. Those of us not in Glasgow over the summer months may have missed the new kind of lockdown imposed upon the city; gone were the pub closures and social distancing warnings, and ...

Glasgow graduate Laura Muir wins a silver medal in Tokyo’s Olympics

7th August 2021

The 28-year-old vet from Glasgow “gave it everything” to achieve a spot on the podium Covering 1500 metres with a time of 3:54.50 in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic final, Glasgow graduate and vet, Laura Muir, not only broke her own personal record but created a new national one. Telling The Guardian that she didn’t think ...