Social media

Fact checking your Facebook feed

30th November 2020

We’re living in a post-truth world. How can we tell fact from fiction online? As social media platforms have blossomed, it has never been so easy to communicate with others. However, along there has been an increase in deceptive, misleading, and false information designed to spread quickly. These have taken the form of conspiracy theories, ...

Out-of-touch-with-reality stars?

28th November 2020

Do celebrities like Kim Kardashian need a reality check?  Kim Kardashian-West recently took to Instagram to share pictures from her 40th birthday celebration; a trip to a private island with a large group of her friends. The post read: “After two weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest ...

Anything I can do, you can do better

18th October 2020

Why we should learn to not compare ourselves so harshly to our peers online. We are all guilty of losing ourselves down the social media rabbit hole, mindlessly scrolling through image upon image, status upon status, immersed in the lives of others. For most young adults in the UK, coming of age in the era ...