student life

Sir Anton Muscatelli makes joint statement to ask students to prioritise public health

23rd September 2020

The principles of 19 Scottish universities made the statement in a plea to students to behave and follow the rules as the new academic year begins. Principal of the University of Glasgow, Sir Anton Muscatelli, has made a joint statement to students to “prioritise public health” as the new academic year begins. In the joint ...

A little more conversation, a little less STIs

19th September 2020

To help us all stay protected, Hailie Pentleton gives us a clear guide to STIs and how to prevent yourself from contracting them. Sex education in Scottish schools is far from perfect. Whilst the Scottish government has published guidance for how these topics should be addressed in state schools, delivery is not compulsory. Faith schools, ...

How to be a sustainable student

15th September 2020

Elena Adams shares her top tips and tricks on becoming a sustainable student in this era of climate emergency. The climate emergency is one of the many big issues that our generation currently faces and something that we, as a society, have a responsibility to try and fix for future generations. So what can you, ...