It matters, to a degree

8th February 2021

I mean, how many of you are actually going to use that history/ literature/theatre degree? A doctor studies medicine, a lawyer studies law, and an engineer studies engineering. The circle of life. How beautiful. So that must also mean actors study acting. Oh, except for Tom Cruise. And Meg Ryan. And Johnny Depp. But you ...

Studytube: you’re toxic, I’m slippin’ into a panic spiral about my productivity

12th December 2020

Basilia Weir explores an unhealthy relationship with studytube, a YouTube community surrounding studying and productivity. Maybe you’ve found yourself in the library right around midterms. You’re on the fifth or sixth floor, a lukewarm caramel latte in front of you, and a lofi playlist beating through your headphones. And yet, you can still hear the ...