Taking the plunge: an exploration into wild swimming

3rd February 2021

Sports Reporter Claire Thomson shares her newfound love of wild swimming in Scotland. During lockdown, keen swimmers up and down the country made the conversion to open water swimming after being faced with the challenge of the Covid pandemic, which forced the closing of leisure centres for over six months in Scotland. Wading into seas, ...

ISL: Swimming reimagined

20th November 2020

The revolutionary International Swimming League, which features nine Scottish-based athletes, is currently in its second season.  Revolutionising the sport of swimming, the International Swimming League (ISL) dived in for its second season in mid-October. Being hosted in the Duna Arena, Budapest, this “new format” of competitive swimming features 10 teams from across North America, Eu...

A deep dive into my love of swimming

17th September 2020

Lisa Paul opens up about her passion for swimming and how she has coped without being in the pool. For as long as I can remember swimming has been a part of my life. Unlike a lot of the other girls at my school who dreaded the compulsory biweekly swimming lesson, I recall feeling sick ...