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How to achieve the worst freshers week

11th September 2023

Want to have a bad time? Craving spiked cortisol levels, terrible relationships, and momentous regret? If you dream of a tense, awkward, and all-round unenjoyable week of overpriced drinks, awkward pres, and absolutely disastrous first impressions, then do not heed the warnings of those who came before you. Instead, prepare to launch yourself into a ...

Climatarian: the new ‘nature friendly’ diet

3rd December 2021

Taylor Prentice discusses the benefits of a diet that is tailored towards tackling climate change. After COP26 and the climate crisis being on our minds more than ever, you may be thinking about ways, on a personal level, to reduce your carbon footprint or generally make pro-environmental changes to your lifestyle.  Lifesum, the leading global ...