‘Guilty Pleasures’: Nico’s new menu leaves you feeling anything but remorseful

16th October 2021

Editor-in-Chief Lucy Dunn takes us through the newest fine-dining experience Six by Nicos has to offer. What are your guilty pleasures? I was asked to think of a couple myself before heading into Six by Nico to try out their new adeptly-named, six-course tasting menu. A variety of delicacies – or maybe more commonplace cravings ...

The tests you don’t need to study for

15th October 2021

Health scares and pharmacy trips: what do we test for, and how does it work? “Getting tested” is a hot topic just now, given that none of us can escape Covid-19 and the constant threat of isolation, but what other tests should we be aware of, why are they relevant to us, and how can ...

Making self-care work for you

15th October 2021

In the first installment of our self-care series, Katrina Williams discusses why self-care days aren’t always realistic. Let’s cut to the chase: university students barely have any time to spare outside of lectures, homework, societies, part-time work and (arguably most importantly) late-night benders. Thus, the miraculous, idealised, oh-so-dreamy concept of taking a full day off ...