Desmond Shaw

It’s true that on times the song-writing feels a little disjointed, with certain sections feeling like they were simply tagged onto the end of another, but the writing itself is that excellent type of engaging catchiness – something that’s both intellectually stimulating and at the same time manages to stick on you. Furthermore, I’m not convinced that THANK YOU would be at all interested in what I had to say about their song-writing anyway – on stage, they are clearly having a lot of fun with their own material, engaged in it in a way that suggests just how much thought has been put into it. I’d be surprised if they someone told me they had totally stuck to the script tonight as the performance seems littered with improvised moments, which again, occasionally don’t seem to fit the picture, but on the whole are adventurous and refreshing (which coincidentally is an excellent description of the haircuts on offer tonight).

GOLDEN WORRY is out now on the excellent Thrill Jockey label. Check out the guys on MySpace.

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