8th June 2011 - The Glasgow Guardian

BATTLES at The Arches, 07/06/11

8th June 2011

Showing up at the Arches, I realized how much trouble I was having comprehending the fact that it’s been FOUR YEARS since New-York City innovators BATTLES released the celebrated Mirrored. With the possible exception of single Atlas (which has cropped up all over the place, from LittleBigPlanet to Top Gear – I’m getting tired of ...

THANK YOU at The Arches, 07/06/11

8th June 2011

Desmond Shaw Watching the Baltimore math-pop noise-lite four-piece, I had a lot of fun dissecting their influences. After the thirty minute set I came away with an impressive range, starting with the kind of ecstatic, guitar-riff work you’d expect from Fucked Up, and finishing somewhere close to the kind of relentless drumming you’d expect from ...