Music waits for no one

Kate Hole

Calling all freshers lazing around hungover, rising only from your slumberous pits to moan of how you are, indeed, ‘sooooo hungover’. Yes, you’ve left home and found your freedom, but while you you’re making the most of that, make sure you don’t miss out on getting involved in clubs, societies and opportunities at the start of term (yes, this may sound like your parents talking, but it’s true). It’s never really too late to get involved in the hundreds of organisations that run here at Glasgow University, but starting at the start is a fantastic way to kick off your uni experience and where better to begin than with some of the many musical opportunities open to you.

Whatever field you may fall under, there is no doubt something suited to you. For the instrumentalists among you, check out the variety of groups that meet in the Music Department (University Gardens) or Concert Hall (Main Building) every week and perform various concerts throughout the year. Big ensembles such as the orchestra – known as the Kelvin Ensemble –  or Big Band do require a good level of commitment, and rightly so as the standard is high. Auditions for these take place at the start of term so make sure you listen up and don’t miss out.

If a slightly more laid back approach is more up your street then check out the Music Club, an umbrella organisation that contains several music groups that are very much student led and don’t usually require auditions. There generally is something for everyone, from female vocal group The Madrigals, to a Percussion Ensemble and Celtic Music Group. Membership for the year usually lies around a fiver, and it’s a great way to meet people at not only the weekly meets but the social events that take place throughout the year. They produce a pretty damn good sound too, so take some time to find something suited to you and get involved. Smaller run groups like these are not going to come chapping at your door, so it’s up to you to seek them out and head along.

If you’re more into doing your own thing, however, then make note of the open mic nights that operate in both unions. ‘Unplugged’ takes place in the QM every Monday from 9.30pm, and Deep Six can get pretty busy in the GU with its welcoming stage every Friday night from 9pm. Get a feel for which union takes your fancy and head along – or if you can’t decide do both. Abilities tend to greatly vary though, so don’t hesitate to get on stage and have a go if you’re the more humble type.

Glasgow University is also proud to be the home of Subcity, a well esteemed online freeform radio station that takes a real focus on music, providing an exemplar range of sounds and genres from around the world, based in the trusty John Mac building. Check out what it’s all about online and if you reckon there’s a place for you there as a presenter or to work as a techy or in events (the list of opportunities goes on) then make sure you keep an eye out for job openings and show applications on the website throughout the year.

So there you have it. No more excuses. Time to get up and get involved in some of the many music based opportunities that are merely touched upon here as your begin your university experience. They’re there for you to get involved in, learn new things and have fun; and they’ll look a hell of a lot better than a heap of hangovers when you enter the big bad world of employment at the end of it all.

Find information on music groups in the university here.


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