10th September 2012 - The Glasgow Guardian

Don’t hesitate, meditate

10th September 2012

Eryn Katsikea “For a long time nothing, and suddenly one has the right eyes” – R. M. Rilke Meditation is a peculiar thing. It is a breathing exercise, a little like a concentration exercise but really none of those things. It is a practice of mindfulness, that is to say a state of mental hypersensitivity, ...

Music waits for no one

10th September 2012

Kate Hole Calling all freshers lazing around hungover, rising only from your slumberous pits to moan of how you are, indeed, ‘sooooo hungover’. Yes, you’ve left home and found your freedom, but while you you’re making the most of that, make sure you don’t miss out on getting involved in clubs, societies and opportunities at the ...