University of Glasgow launches plans for new museum

Claire Diamond

The University of Glasgow has launched plans for a new museum in the Kelvin Hall.

The University is currently in talks with hall owners Glasgow Life, the branch of Glasgow City Council who are responsible for engagement in culture and sport, to launch a joint application for Lottery funding to create a new museum within the Kelvin Hall showcasing archived treasures.

They hope to submit an application early in the spring, and if successful allow the public access to some of the archived collections currently inaccessible to the public, including some material not currently on display at the Hunterian.

Earlier this year, the University and Glasgow Life passed the first stage of planning to gain £4.8 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

1.5 million items from the archived collections from a range of locations – some remote, some currently stored in the archives of the Hunterian – are expected to go on display, with some 400, 000 supplied by Glasgow Museums.

Susan Ferguson, a spokeswoman for the Hunterian, said: “Our intention is to co-locate all our study collections for research, teaching and wider educational purposes at Kelvin Hall. It offers huge opportunities to enhance access to our world class collections.”

A University of Glasgow spokesperson added: “If successful, this would provide finance for a Collections Study Centre within the Kelvin Hall, which would allow for the first time public access to museum and archive collections currently stored in remote locations. The Centre would share space and develop new activity with a number of other cultural institutions and collections, including Glasgow Museums.”


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