Police disperse street parties at Murano halls

By Luke Chafer

University tells The Glasgow Guardian those caught breaking the rules will face disciplinary action.

Multiple freshers’ parties in the University of Glasgow’s Murano student village have been broken up by police over the past week for violating Scottish government guidelines on social gatherings.

Due to numerous violations of the rules, with parties spilling out onto the street, the police were called on several occasions to disperse gatherings.

A spokesperson for the University told The Glasgow Guardian: “We are extremely disappointed that some students in our Murano Street residences flouted the very clear instructions that we have issued, in line with Scottish Government guidance on COVID, by gathering together in large groups and behaving in an antisocial manner. The Police did attend the site [on Friday 11 September] to support Living Support Assistants and University Security in dispersing the gatherings”.

The spokesperson went on to say that: “whilst we want all of our students to have an enjoyable time at university, including a positive social experience, it is very important that everyone abides by the rules. 

“The policy on gatherings and student parties in our residences has been communicated widely. We would take this opportunity to again inform our students that: no one is permitted to host people from outwith their own household in their property, nor should anyone be visiting any other home and government guidance on social distancing should be observed at all times, including when outdoors.” 

For those students that continue to break the rules, “action will be taken… including the termination of accommodation contracts.”

Other universities across Scotland have taken a similarly tough stance on house parties, with the University of Edinburgh threatening students with expulsion in response to large gatherings in Pollock Hall last week, whilst the principal of St Andrews also asked her students to voluntarily lockdown this weekend in a pre-emptive step to stop the transmission of the virus. 

Per current guidelines for Glasgow, gatherings are limited to six people from two households, social distancing must be observed and no one should enter your home. 

Due to legislation passed by the Scottish Government, parties hosted in student accommodation are illegal, whereas previously the law only covered private homes and was set to elapse on 26th September. This also means that someone could face a £10,000 fine for hosting a party of over 16 people. This is not a punishment that has been handed to any student in Glasgow as of now, although a student in Nottingham recently felt the full brunt of this law after hosting a party of 50 people. 

This news also comes after the University’s recent statement announcing that two positive cases of Covid-19 had been found in students living in halls.

Talking to STV news, Chief Inspector McQuilter made clear that he wants his officers to educate in the first instance, stating that “it’s about speaking to people and making sure they are aware that it is their safety that is at the bottom of this”. 

New rules are being laid out which state that those that do not comply with officers will be fined. On the weekend of 11 September, one person in Glasgow received a fine and six others were arrested for hosting and attending parties.


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