23rd September 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

Police disperse street parties at Murano halls

23rd September 2020

University tells The Glasgow Guardian those caught breaking the rules will face disciplinary action. Multiple freshers’ parties in the University of Glasgow’s Murano student village have been broken up by police over the past week for violating Scottish government guidelines on social gatherings. Due to numerous violations of the rules, with parties spilling out onto ...

A tale of two cities: the Glasgow and Aberdeen local lockdowns

23rd September 2020

Writer Dorota Dziki takes to twitter to understand difference between the Glasgow and Aberdeen local lockdowns. At the beginning of March, the coronavirus lockdown flipped our lives upside down, and in August and September, just as we were adjusting to our new reality and appreciating the re-opening of our favourite shops, pubs and restaurants, Aberdeen ...

Sir Anton Muscatelli makes joint statement to ask students to prioritise public health

23rd September 2020

The principles of 19 Scottish universities made the statement in a plea to students to behave and follow the rules as the new academic year begins. Principal of the University of Glasgow, Sir Anton Muscatelli, has made a joint statement to students to “prioritise public health” as the new academic year begins. In the joint ...