4th November 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

Sir Keir Starmer calls the people of Glasgow for Q&A

4th November 2020

The Labour Party leader held his “Call Kier” event with Glaswegians to let them put forward questions, points and views to the Labour leader, with Scottish independence being the dominant issue. On Friday 23 October, Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the UK Labour Party held a “Call Keir” event with the people of Glasgow.  ...

Glasgow Kelvin Labour Party supports ‘Covid direct action’

4th November 2020

The party has endorsed the ‘direct action’ proposed by Morag Innes, Vice Chair of Glasgow University Labour Club. Glasgow Kelvin Labour Party have come out in support of direct action against Covid-19. The party, which has links to the University of Glasgow via the Glasgow University Labour Club (GULC), have endorsed an article piece written ...

We need to break up with awful creators

4th November 2020

JK Rowling’s intensely offensive new title has taken the romance out of romanticising famous creators. When I first heard about JK Rowling’s new book – a crime novel about a “transvestite serial killer” – I felt a mix of emotions that are, by now, all too familiar. The fresh stab of rage and disgust at ...