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Musicians of Glasgow Uni: Loup Havenith

By Jodie Leith

A continuation of the Musicians of Glasgow Uni series, Music Editor Jodie Leith delivers some quick-fire questions to our music-making students. Highlighting the rich musical talent gracing our (online) lectures, we take a look at musician’s background, music, interests, and how they’re finding life as a student at UofG (in a pandemic).

This time, The Glasgow Guardian chat with musician (and Sociology student) Pierre “Loup” Havenith. A member of post-punk/art rock three-piece Supercloud, Loup’s solo music experiments with cassette-recording and melancholic, acoustic sounds. Self-described as “music for taking a breather”, Loup’s music is ideal for fans of Elliott Smith, Daniel Johnstone, Nick Drake, and Bob Dylan (to name a few). 

Hometown: Born in Brussels, Belgium. Raised in a tiny village in France. Moved up to Paris. Ended up here.

Subjects studied at Glasgow Uni: Sociology (I know)

Favourite part of studying in Glasgow: The diversity of falafel wraps that can be found across the city is staggering.

How would you describe your music: Music for taking a breather.

Favourite local musician: Lloyd’s House – my friend, flatmate, soulmate, and future UK chart topper.

Favourite gig you’ve been to: This club night that my friend Luke organised last year called “Dance for our lives”. It just felt so good to see it finally happen!

Artists that shaped your music taste: Cass McCombs, Jessica Pratt, Adrianne Lenker, Dean Blunt, the list goes on.

Song you’re most proud of writing: Conveniently, the one I’m releasing, Sailor.

Song (that isn’t yours) you have on loop right now: Blank by this band called Stove, they’re incredible.

Album you’d take to a desert island: Beach Music by Alex G, what an album.

Guilty music pleasure: I don’t like the idea of guilty pleasures in music, I think it serves the narrative that some songs can’t be listened to for their own sake, that there has to be some sort of ironic posturing to make it okay. I’d say the Black Eyed Peas are my guilty pleasure, but I don’t even feel guilty about it. rocks, man.

The first thing you’ll do when lockdown ends: Go to a bookshop and smell all the books. Hug people. Have a gaff. Lockdown has stripped away so much of the sensuality that makes living interesting, it feels so important to be able to go back to that once it’s safe to do so.

Any upcoming plans: It’s hard to make plans of any kind right now, but I’m recording more music and I’m hoping I get to play it live one day.

Loup’s debut EP, released in 2020, BRING YOURSELF TO COMPLETION, is available now and upcoming track, Sailor, will be released 26 February.

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